Bridal Wear Services

The Dress Alteration Process

Step 1: Setting your Initial Consultation

We recommend coming in 10-14 weeks prior to your wedding.

However, if you have or need a different timeline, just give us a call and we can surely work something out! If your needs are outside of the above parameters there will be a wedding gown rush fee that is based on a sliding scale in relation to the date the dress is needed.

Appointments are available 7 days a week, for the initial consultation and fitting.

The cost for this is $40 and is due at the time of scheduling. This can be invoiced to your email address and paid using the link in the email or in person.

Scheduling your first fitting and consultation must be done by phone or in person, the seamstress prefers the initial fitting and consultation to take place outside of regular business hours. This allows the bride and seamstress to talk freely without interruption, about her hopes and wishes for her gown, as well as provides additional privacy.

Follow up fittings should take place during regular business hours and will be scheduled with the seamstress at each fitting. You may reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours without forfeiting your fitting/ consultation cost.

Up to 3 additional fittings are included with your alterations at no further expense, most gowns only need 2-3 fittings and are ready to be taken home on the 3rd fitting.

Plan for your appointment to take approximately an hour, longer if your dress is complicated or has many layers.

A very important factor for many, but not all women is monthly bloating that can significantly change a woman’s body in the chest and/ or mid section. Therefore take care in scheduling fittings to align with where client will be in her cycle in relation to the wedding date is very important.

Step 2: Your Initial Consultation/Fitting

Come in for your scheduled consultation. During this initial consultation we will cover The Stitch Witch LLC’s production process, standards,  guarantee, we’ll take measurements and sign a work agreement. Then you will most importantly get into your wedding gown and we will go over everything that needs to be done and take “before” pictures.

We will give you an estimated price at this time. If you choose to leave your wedding gown with us there will be a non-refundable down payment (40-50% the estimate) and we will pin you up. You will receive a follow up date and time to come back in as well!

It is client’s responsibility to provide shoes, accessories and undergarments that will be worn with the bridal gown at each fitting, with the exception of if you would like cups sewn in. The Stitch Witch LLC stocks a variety of cups that can be sewn into the dress, and other enhancements from the Hollywood Fashion Secrets line, that can be purchased and sewn in or used on your special day.

Some things to bring to all of your appointments:

  • shoes
  • undergarments
  • method of payment (Check and/or cash preferred!)
  • a smile… we are going to help you look fantastic in your dress!

Some things to remember as you come in for your fittings:

  • Please not more than 2 guests at fittings. This is time to focus on your needs and wants, not the expectations of others. While it is exciting, remember the seamstress needs your attention as well to assure the absolute best fitting! As a result it is not recommended to bring small children as they require attention and a sewing studio is not child safe. If there is no other option but to bring a child please plan accordingly (snacks, toys, games,etc.). We will make this work for you!
  • Remember how the dress fit before you brought it in. This helps you realize how much better it is at your follow up fittings. (We’ll take before and after pictures to help you with this!) And if you would like to be featured on one of our social media outlets or on our webpage gallery we are building, please be sure to sign a photo agreement. We never publish pictures of clients without their written permission.

Step 3: Follow Up Fittings

At your second fitting 30-50% of the estimated balance is due. You will then get back into the dress. Many times we will have completed the majority of the alterations dress at this stage and only need to plan the bustle (unless you would like us to steam and/ or store your bridal gown for an additional charge). However, please anticipate coming back at least one more time.

Up to 3 fittings are included at no charge, any additional fitting required will be billed at $15 additional for the seamstresses time and are due at the time of the appointment. Plan for follow up fitting to be about 20-40 minutes but could be up to an hour depending on the dress.

Step 4: Pressing/Steaming/Taking the Dress Home!

Taking the dress home! Yay, your wedding gown has been altered and is ready to go home with you. You will still owe the final balance due so don’t forget your cash/check or credit card at follow up fittings and final pick up.

Some things to consider at this point:

  • Getting the dress home. Make sure you have enough room in your car for your dress!
  • Pressing/Steaming. We do press the parts of the dress we work on, but your dress may still need to be fully pressed out. We do offer this service, just ask us about it! (Cost is usually $45-$75)

Step 5: Pictures and Feedback

Give us feedback on how we have done! At The Stitch Witch LLC we take pride in our work and love seeing the transformation of before and after alterations. We  guarantee quality alterations and strive for 100% client satisfaction.

If you loved us, please take a minute to review us on such sites as Google and Facebook. If you have any other comments or issues please email and let us know. We are continuously trying to improve as a small family owned business, and we love your feedback!

Also, please do not forget to SEND US PICTURES from your wedding day!!! You can email them or tag The Stitch Witch on Facebook or find us on Instagram #mistitchwitch


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