The Stitch Witch LLC. is Kendra Symbal. Kendra is part of a long line of seamstresses including a couple names that may be familiar to those in the Marquette area, Superior Sewing and Sew For You (now operating as The Sail Loft in Munising). Some may also remember Kendra from her early years in the business of sewing when she operated under the business name of ‘Sew Fun!’, in Marquette before moving to Wisconsin. In Wisconsin she set up, ‘Sew In’, a traveling tailor business.

Then went on to become The Stitch Witch when she set up a permanent shop in Ashland, WI, on October 31, 2008. Kendra closed The Stitch Witch in Ashland, due to a family move to Marquette, Michigan.

Kendra has been operating The Stitch Witch in Chocolay since 2010, previously as a home based business.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should I choose The Stitch Witch LLC. for my alterations?

A: Many tailors and dry cleaners focus on speed and efficiency. Kendra focuses on quality. She is efficient, but assuredly takes time where necessary. She’ll do things right the first time, and make sure the client is satisfied every time. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

Q: How can I be assured of the safety of my garments from unforeseen accidents?

A: The Stitch Witch LLC. takes the utmost precautions, in caring for your garments. From the moment the garment(s) are checked in, to the time alterations are completed. The Stitch Witch LLC. is insured and has security monitored by Range Communications, no matter the value of your garments, they will be handled with proper care and skill.
Additionally all garments must be clean and free of obnoxious odors to assure all clients clothing will be returned to them in the same or better condition than when brought in.